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Dreadlocks by psychowolf21
Madison by psychowolf21
Bettie by psychowolf21
Dark Lady, Sailor Moon by psychowolf21
Guess what i Watched.... by psychowolf21
Sailor Salome... WIP by psychowolf21
    First of all thank you for visiting my art page. Regardless whether you want to commission or comment on my pieces or even say What's Up? I am now open for commission work Any of you who are interested in having me do a commission of artwork. Although my samples are showing are females i will also do male characters as well. You may request a background. price may vary on the complexity.

     I am going to fill slots as to not overwhelm myself so that YOU may have the best possible artwork. I can only do that with your cooperation along the way. If there is a problem along the way with payment, or the product, I fully intend to work with you to the best of my ability to resolve it. I hope that we can all work together wonderfully, and have lots of fun in the process too!

I can draw:
Original characters
Fan art ( Game, movies , manga, etc...)

WILL NOT DO ( Dont bother asking me)
highly detailed creatures (dragons and ect.)
My Little Pony
Pedophilia or anything suggesting it.
No Fetish
Furry/Anthro OCs

Intense Blood and Gore

I may also turn down projects simply because I may not have the time, or if i said previously I would not work on a certain material pertaining to it.

Please do not persist if I decline.

    I will post the commission on my page with a watermark to mark is a commissioned piece. The commissioner may use the artwork as long as it is in no way for profit. I still will claim the copyright but will email the artwork of the original artist without a copyright on top of the artwork.

So Please Be Clear And Concise With What you would like in your Order Message the First Time around if Possible!

Commission Form List

  • Type of commission
  • How many characters (Allowed up to 3 per commission)
  • Description of the characters
    • (Describe their poses, facial expressions,etc. Please be as specific as you can.)
  • Type Of Background : (none if not specified)
  • Image references (please send me link sources for best referencing)

    At the moment i am doing the following formats for commission;

Penciled Art;
Portraits;         100points
Half Body;         200 points
Full Body;         300 points

Pencil Shaded; add 50 pts

Pencil work varying on complexity may take no longer than a week unless noted otherwise
Pencil Sketched are to be paid upfront before commissioning.
Portraits;         200points
Half Body;         300 points
Full Body;         400 points

Ink Shaded; add 100pts

Inked work commisions may take up to two weeks with a preceding pencil sketch
Inked work will be first charged as a full pencil sketch then will be adjusted to whatever level of complexity the final work will be.

Digital Line-art;
Portraits;         300points
Half Body;         450 points
Full Body;         600 points

Digital Colored; add 400 pts

Digital Shaded (simple one toned) add 200 pts
(even on a pencil drawing)

Digital Shaded (complex multitoned) add 500 pts

The complexity of the work may delay my time in completing the piece
For anything that is digital and I am going to charge by the stages and adjust to the final product at the end.

(Anything else that may be inquire you can send it to me as a note through Deviantart. Currently i am not shipping any artwork at the moment)

All Digital Drawings get a free pencil sketch.

( at the current moment i am only accepting dA points. )

The commissioned work may be used only for personal uses for commissioner's use only. If you are intending to use the artwork elsewhere,it may be done so, just please keep my source and signature on the finished product.
NONE of my work can be used/edited/trace/copied by anyone else for any use.
Privacy Policy
All commissions I have finished will be put either in my gallery/portfolio for future work reference. If you wish to have your commission piece private from the beginning, please tell me so in the commissioning info and I will do so.

**This list is still early in its development,and may be edited in the future**



  • Listening to: Meliora - Ghost B.C.
  • Reading: The Witcher Saga; Time of Contempt
  • Watching: Drunken Peasants Podcast
  • Eating: Dumplings
  • Drinking: COFFEE!!!!!!!!
Hello there.

Weirdly enough I have been tagged ! by :iconneicha-chan:( feel the early 2000s ? I sure do ) 
But well it's a music tag and I thought it could be interesting to see what's going to come out ! 
Basically it goes like this :

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it does not make sense.
NO CHEATING! (totally do >=])
Tag five people.

1. How are you feeling today?
    Keine Lust - Rammstein (Not really, I am not numb today)
2. Will you get far in life?
    Stockholm Syndrome - Muse (oh God NO!!! its like my last girlfriend)
3. How do your friends see you?
    Weisses Fleisch - Rammstein (whole lottta NOPE, this one is just rapey)
4. Will you get married?
    Behind The Wall of Sleep - Black Sabbath ( thank goodness im seeing them in February, but no?)
5. What is your best friend's theme song?
    Black Diamond - Stradivarius (Power Metal??? no fair!!!!)
6. What is the story of your life?
     Play The Wind - Homestuck OST ( at least i get a sort of dark Bolero-like flavor here)
7. What was high school like?
Sealed with a Fist - Exodus ( given that i got into fights.... not bad, but not White Zombie)
8. How can you get ahead in life?
     Vanishing - A Perfect Circle ( Maynard James Keenan narrating me perfectly)
9. What is the best thing about your friends?
    Nail in my Coffin - The Kills ( They're no better at this than i am ... great song)
10. What is in store for this weekend?
    Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!! - Homestuck OST ( no Vriska, WHY????!!!! jazzy tune tho)
11. To describe your grandparents?
     Deep Affection - Galneryus ( maybe my grandmother, and MORE Power Metal )
12. How is your life going?
     The Moon Has Lost The Sun - Alabama3 ( trippy acid-house-country-house music every damn day)
13. What song will play at your funeral?
     Party's Fall - Siouxie and the Banshees ( rather upbeat 80's flavoured funeral)
14. How does the world see you?
     Running - Nine Inch Nails ( seeing how fast i walk past people i am NOT surprised )
15. Will you have a happy life?
     I Know You're Fucking Someone Else - Type O Negative ( the references i can make with this ....)
16. What do your friends really think of you?
    The Wild Healer - Gojira ( given how I am the de-facto Therapist of my friends, i am not surprised)
17. Do people secretly lust after you?
     Face to Face - Siouxie and the Banshees ( I can hear the purring already)
18. How can I make myself happy?
     Darlene - Led Zeppelin ( being a lusting horndog.... DUH!!!)
19. What should you do with your life?
    Rain City - The Devin Townsend Project ( rather mellow and electronic but hopeful)
20. Will you ever have children?
    Buck Dich - Rammstein ( It speaks for itself)
21. What song would you strip to?
    Eggs - Savant ( Worst part it sounds like perfect stripper music and with the right lighting Epilepsy City)
22. If a man in a van offered candy you, what would you do?
    Terrible Lie - Nine Inch Nails ( I would use despair to make him drive off the cliff )
23. What does your mom think of you?
    Everything - Nine Inch Nails ( what proper mother wouldn't )
24. What is your deep dark secret?
  Bitches Aint Shit - Pink Guy ( nyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyessssssssssss... is that the smell of memes you're cooking?)
25. What is your mortal enemy's theme song?
    Devil Church - Ghost B.C. ( they actually get organ music????)
26. What's your personality like?
    Breakdown - Savant ( i am totally dancing inside my head arent I )
27. Which song will be played at your wedding?
     Wade into the Water - Alabama 3 ( a little depressing of a song )
28. If you were to Become the Dictator of a small Eastern-European nation, would you be a benevolent Dictator?
    Year of Tha Boomerang - Rage Against the Machine ( so shit will cometh down hard and so will the groove )
29. What are your aspirations?
    Spiel Mit Mir - Rammstein ( woah.... too dark )
30. What Goes Through Your Head When you wake up?
    Twenty Four Hours - Joy Division ( need me mah Goth music before my first cuppa Coffee )

          So, I have to tag people heh? 

         I'm tagging : :iconmukos: :icon123babymarina: :iconneicha-chan: :iconsweetiebelle22:


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Enjoy! :)

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